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Factory Floor Marking

Factory Pathways Lines

Factory Forklift Aisle Lines,

Factory Pedestrian Walkway Lines

Factory floor marking applications are required in order to prevent accidents at work in factories and warehouses. In the factories, forklift aisles and pathways enable vehicles to regularly carry loads.
Factory floor marking lines, which are applied in order to designate forklift passageways, provide a major contribution to the prevention of occupational accidents. Forklifts only proceed in their designated passageways and similarly pedestrians use the designated walkways.

When line applications in factories are applied, it has been observed that accidents such as vehicle and pedestrian collisions are at a very low rate.

Work safety lines, factory pedestrian-forklift aisles and ways, line markings that designate the staff work area altogether enable staff to work safely.

In these applications, pedestrian walkways are sometimes painted as a whole and in some cases are designated with line markings. By using walking templates, the visibility of pedestrian walkways is increased.

Forklift aisles and passageways are important in factories and other large enterprises: With these applications, both employees will not be harmed and the risks of accidents of vehicles, which are purchased with expensive costs, are prevented.

Factory Floor Line Application

Paints used on the factory floor lines are specially blended paints.

Methyl methacrylate coating is resin based. In addition, it is a very durable, one-component and air drying cold road paint. Paint dries in a short time; the surface can be opened to traffic quickly.
Factory floor lines are applied to the surface with marking machines that convey paints with high pressure. The paint that is applied to a surface with high pressure is healthier and more permanent than other painting methods.

Floor paints are manufactured specially blended. Durability of resin-based floor paints is higher. Paint dries in a short time; the surface can be opened to traffic quickly. Paint is applied to surfaces with high-pressure specially designed machines. Due to the application of a high-pressured spraying method, paint is more durable than other painting methods. To minimize occupational accidents, professional floor paints should be preferred.

What are the Benefits of Factory Floor Marking Lines?

Pursuant to new laws, applicable for work safety and personnel safety in factories, it is required that floor lines are marked.
They reduce work-related accidents.

Vehicles and pedestrians, on a regular basis, move in a manner that does not cause accidents.

The staffs work in earnest and securely at production areas.
In an emergency situation, they effectively help with escape plans.

With different color applications, securely is easier.


Line markings in warehouses / factories need to be durable and long lasting. Safety is the marking out and key boundaries in the working environment will improve the way your business operates as well as working with current health and safety regulations.

Introducing safe systems at work such as pallet lanes, internal walkways, equipment parking lines, hatched boxes, drive through hatches and a variety of numbers letters and arrows, can make a considerable difference to the workplace and allow things to work smoothly and efficiently .

With the experience of working on similar projects / contracts, we are able to help you with the use of the space and the best marking solutions for the area and the correct products to use.


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