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Technologic Solutions on Industrial Paints

Methyl methacrylate coating is resin based. In addition, it is a very durable, one-component and air drying cold road paint. Paint dries in a short time; the surface can be opened to traffic quickly.
Factory floor lines are applied to the surface with marking machines that convey paints with high pressure. The paint that is applied to a surface with high pressure is healthier and more permanent than other painting methods.

Industrial Paints:

Produced in varying colors and brightness, all kinds of paint products, systems and applications that are used in industrial facilities.

Areas of usage:
Machinery Industry
Tanker Industry
Transformer Industry
Trailer Industry
Steel goods industry
Casing Industry
LPG Cylinder Industry
Refrigerated Vehicles Industry
Agricultural Equipment Industry
Auto Supplier Industry
Truck-mounted equipment Industry
Industrial Floor Coatings Industry



Industrial Areas, Safety Lines

Factory Floor Marking

Pedestrian Paths

Pedestrian Crossings

Warehouse Floor Marking

Forklift Park Areas

Surface Preparation Steps

Warning / Evacuation Marking

Technological Solutions for Industrial Paints

Column / Wall Protection Systems